Motivation is part of the Reformation process.

It is your job to make sure these girls stay motivated to complete their rehabilitation. Performing Motivation is the most important part of the job!

♥Scrubby Scrub♥

In Scrubby Scrub, you cleanse the girls' bodies and souls with a brush! Rub those icky, bubbly spots off the girls to leave them purified!

Rub their bodies with the brush!

♥Spanking X♥

Spanking X is a bit of...negative reinforcement. Time the shrinking green ring just right and give those girls a spanking!

Use the riding crop of love!


Slimeshot is exactly what it sounds like. Flick the slimes on the bottom of the screen to hit the targets on the girls!

Shoot that slimy slime!

♥Shocking Bondage♥

In Shocking Bondage, things get electric! Get rid of all the negativity within the girls with a tingly electric touch!

Tingle the girls!